Project: A bilingual campaign to increase awareness among persons who don’t access available healthcare, specifically Spanish-speaking immigrant families and teens.
Client:La Familia Medical Center, Santa Fe, NM
Special details: It was important to convey that services promote good health and well-being, and that patients are treated with respect and compassion, regardless of one’s ability to pay.
Natalie Voelker, Artist (Teen girls painting)
Adelina Cruz, Artist (Mother-to-be with physician painting)
Adriana Ortiz, Artist (Heart/cornucopia painting)
Israel Haros Lopez, Artist (Illustrations)

English and Spanish versions of posters with perforated tear-off tabs.

La Familia Medical Center Campaign posters


English and Spanish versions of a services brochure take away.

Trifold brochure

English and Spanish versions of a services postcard take away and mailer.

Postcard / Mailer

Campaign bilingual Facebook covers


Campaign bus ads